The pick- up and delivery of your goods will be by service driver, or by parcel or freight forwarding company.
Worn, used knives will be disposed of free of charge and immediately replaced by new knives from our warehouse.
All flat and long knives/blades are freed from product rests in order to grind them accurately on precision grinders.
After the cutting edge is completed with a very fine finish, the knives get a flexible and reusable edge protector. They are then stored in our custom-made wooden boxes and delivered free house.

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The advantages of our „all inclusive“ contract are as follows:
  • Customer-oriented maintenance of your cutting tools
  • Responsible handling of your tools
  • Production process reliability
  • No blade inventory or quantity checks – therefore
  • New opportunities for your staff to plan tasks
  • Special conditioning of prices
  • Transport service
  • Disposal of worn knives/blades
  • Cleaning of blades/knives
  • Reducing the risk of injury to human and tool
  • Blade edge protection
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