has been a medium-sized business in Hanover since 1891. We have been carrying out our trade for four generations and are certified by the German Chamber of Crafts. Using modern industrial procedures and machines, we have been manufacturing at our site in Hainholz since 1962.

Companies from the following branches are amongst our clientele:

  • plant engineering and construction
  • sheet metal forming
  • the chemical industry
  • the printing industry
  • elastomeric processing
  • gastronomy
  • the wood processing industry
  • plastic/rubber-extrusion
  • mechanical engineering
  • the food industry
  • paper-conversion

Special tools:

  • rubber drills
  • paper blades with an imitation deckle-edge
  • special circular blades / saw blades
  • serrated cutting knives.

Our Products and service for machine knives cover:

  • coating
  • length knives
  • circular knives
  • long saw blades
  • grinding and sharpening
  • cutting blades

Currentlywe supply companies in:

  • Germany
  • Europe
  • Russia
center 100%
left 50%