After doing his national service in Hanover`s garnison, Hugo Hoppe, Hugo 1, born in Solingen and a cutler, founded the grindery of the same name in Vahrenwalderstrasse, opposite to where today ContiTech stands and from whom he held a great deal of orders.
The transmission motor used for the grinding machines was followed by a modern gas motor.
The company, being the first grindery in Hanover, was soon well-known throughout the city.


Hugo Hoppe moved his grindery into the building of the Gilde Bräu, 11 Weidendamm   and simultaneously opened a shop for Soling cutting tools.


Hugo Hoppe, Hugo II, took over the company from his father and continued to manage it very successfully and innovatively.


The company , including the shop, moved into 17 Herschelstrasse.


The company of “Hugo II” was considered to be of military importance because it also worked for the armaments industry. For example for the “Vereinigte Aluminiumwerke”( united aluminium factories), Continental and Hanaomag.


Forebodingly, he set up an alternative business on the grounds of Hanover`s slaughterhouse.


In March, the company and the private house burnt down in the last bomb attack on Hanover. From then on the company continued to work from the slaughterhouse.


The company HUGO HOPPE HANNOVER GmbH was founded in Bokemale 15 and experienced the beginning of the “economic miracle”.


The company`s head office was moved to Am Marstall 13 respectively Nr. 5. ( Since 1976, it has been Hoppeschleiferei, the owner being Gerd Hoppe, the brother of Hugo III.
The repairs of spindle lawn-mowers and explicitly the invention of the “ Vorsetzverfahren” and the “Büttenschnitt paper cut for the guillotine cutting knives for the cutting machines in the paper industry, led to a very good growth in development. ( A patent, 3 petty patents and later another two were to follow).


Horst Hugo Hoppe – Hugo III – passed his cutler`s examination and acquired his Master Craftsman`s Diploma.


The technical part of the company moved to Striehlstr. 14. These premises soon became too small so the machines had to be operated under tents in the yard.


A new company building is constructed in Mogelkenstr. 26,  in the industrial estate of Hainholz.


Hugo III took over the company under his own management and named it “HOPPESCHLIFF” with resounding success.


He inherited the company from his father. The machines ( partly constructed by himself) were expanded by tool, surface and circular grinding machines and the emphasis was put on flat and circular blades as well as specialized drills.


A major order comes from the company Wohlenberg Maschinenbau AG.


Hugo Herbert Mark Hoppe - Hugo IV – is appointed the best cutler in a practical competition of the young German Tradesmen.


He becomes a member of the FDPW (professional association of the German tool grinders).


The Lord Mayor of Hanover, (Dr) Herbert Schmalstieg is guest of honour at the 100 year anniversary celebrations


Cutting tool master craftsman, Mark Hoppe, Hugo IV, took over the management of HOPPESCHLIFF GmbH & Co.


The brand new graduate in business administration expanded the production area by 800qm2. The installation of a cooling machine and renovation of the old building took place.


The introduction of teams


The development of a special cutting tool specifically used for manufacturing in the elastomer industry.


Gain of a profitable customer from the Ural.
The product range is expanded with long blades and doctor blades.
Shift work is introduced.


Certification – DIN EN ISO 9001:2000


Hugo IV is elected onto the board of directors of the FDPW.
An increase takes place in the production of industrial and machine knives.


World economic crisis. Sales collapse, short-time work


Recertification  of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. Met demands. Still valid certificate until June 28th, 2013.




Re-certification of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. Met demands. Still valid certificate until June 28th, 2016.

  • Complete overhaul of the machine Reform AR13 and 31
  • Installation of a photovoltaic system 27 Kwp
  • Addition: circular knife grinding machine UTMA AC520
  • disposal: Göckel 5
  • Addition: circular knife grinding machine UTMA AC520
  • Intake of a refugee for a 3- month orientation training period
  • disposal: Reform AR25
  • Addition: long knife grinding machine Göckel G50
  • Exchange of the heating system in the administration office from night storage heater to infrared heating